sennheiser HD 450bt review

Sennheiser HD 450BT Review

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So, I recently got my hands on the Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 450BT Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the experience. I’ve been using it for a while now, and I’ve got some insights to share with you. If you’re in the market for a new pair of wireless headphones, you’re in the right place. Stick around to find out what I liked, what could be better, and my quick verdict on whether you should consider getting these headphones.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • The active noise cancellation is a game-changer. It really blocks out unwanted background noise, allowing me to fully immerse myself in my music or videos.
  • The 30-hour battery life is impressive. I don’t have to worry about constantly charging the headphones, which is a huge plus for me.
  • The Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides seamless connectivity. I’ve never experienced any connectivity issues while using these headphones.
  • The Sennheiser Smart Control app is a great addition, allowing me to customize the sound to my preference and keep the firmware up to date.
  • The virtual assistant button for Siri and Google Assistant is super convenient. I can access my virtual assistant with just a press of a button.

What Can Be Improved

  • The ear cup padding can be uncomfortable after prolonged use. I had to adjust them a bit to find a comfortable fit.
  • The design of the ear cups could be improved to provide a more comfortable fit for different users.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones have been a game-changer for me. The active noise cancellation, long battery life, and seamless connectivity make them a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality wireless headphone. If you’re interested in checking them out, you can find them here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 450BT Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation from Amazon. The delivery was incredibly fast, taking only 2 days to arrive at my doorstep. Inside the box, I found a cable, user manual, headphones, and a protective case. The packaging was secure and everything was in perfect condition.


  • Brand: Sennheiser Consumer Audio
  • Manufacturer: Sennheiser
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear
  • Color: Black
  • Model Name: HD 450BT Black
  • Item Weight: 0.24 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 2.6 x 7.6 inches
  • Date First Available: February 4, 2020

Features – What We Found

The Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology, providing a seamless and reliable connection to your devices. Whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, the headphones support AAC and AptX Low Latency codec for high-quality audio streaming with minimal delay. This means you can enjoy your music, movies, or games without any interruption or lag, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience.

Pro-tip: To ensure the best audio quality and connection stability, make sure your device is updated to the latest Bluetooth firmware and keep the headphones within the recommended range for optimal performance.

Active Noise Cancellation for Uninterrupted Listening Pleasure

The Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones come equipped with active noise cancellation, allowing you to block out external distractions and immerse yourself in your music or audio. This feature is perfect for travel, work, or any noisy environment, as it helps create a peaceful listening experience. With the touch of a button, you can switch between noise cancellation and transparent hearing mode, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings when needed.

For more information, check out the product page here.

30-Hour Battery Life with USB-C Fast Charging

The Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones boast an impressive 30-hour battery life, ensuring you can enjoy extended listening sessions without constantly needing to recharge. Additionally, the USB-C fast charging feature allows for quick and convenient recharging, so you can get back to your music in no time. This is especially useful for travelers or anyone on the go, as you can easily top up the battery during short breaks or while on the move.

Intuitive Controls including Virtual Assistant Button

With intuitive controls, the Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones make it easy to manage your audio playback and calls. The virtual assistant button provides quick access to Siri or Google Assistant, allowing you to perform various tasks hands-free, such as making calls, setting reminders, or controlling smart home devices. This convenient feature enhances the overall user experience and adds a layer of convenience to your daily activities.

Pro-tip: Customize the virtual assistant button in the Sennheiser app to access other voice assistant services or specific app functions based on your preferences.

Sennheiser App Support for Personalized Sound Experience

The Sennheiser app support offers a range of features to enhance your listening experience. It provides an equalizer for adjusting the audio settings to your liking, a Podcast Mode for optimized speech intelligibility, and firmware updates to ensure your headphones are always up to date. With these additional capabilities, you can tailor the sound output to match your preferences and enjoy a personalized audio experience.

Scores and Review

Our Score: 81.0

Having used the Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 450BT Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation for a while now, I can confidently say that I am thoroughly impressed. The sound quality is exceptional, with clear highs and deep, punchy bass that truly enhances the listening experience. The active noise cancellation works like a charm, effectively blocking out external distractions and allowing me to immerse myself in my music or movies. The 30-hour battery life is a game-changer, as I rarely have to worry about recharging them, even with daily use. The USB-C fast charging is also incredibly convenient, ensuring that I can quickly top up the battery when needed. Overall, these headphones have become an essential part of my daily routine, providing me with a reliable and enjoyable audio experience.

If you’re in the market for high-quality wireless headphones, I highly recommend checking out the Sennheiser HD 450BT. The virtual assistant button is a handy feature that allows for seamless access to Siri or Google Assistant, and the foldable design makes them easy to store and carry. The Sennheiser app support adds a layer of customization, allowing you to fine-tune the audio to your preferences. With a solid rating of 4.1 on Amazon based on 6677 reviews, it’s clear that many others have had positive experiences with these headphones as well. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your audio experience – give these headphones a try and see the difference for yourself. You can find more details about the product here.

These Sennheiser headphones truly offer a fantastic combination of performance, convenience, and value. The build quality is top-notch, and the comfort level is impressive, especially after a short break-in period. The intuitive controls and long-lasting battery make them a reliable companion for daily use, whether it’s for music, movies, or even taking calls. The price point is also very reasonable, especially considering the features and overall performance that these headphones deliver. If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable set of wireless headphones that offer excellent sound quality and noise cancellation, the Sennheiser HD 450BT is definitely worth considering.

Alternatives To Consider

If you’re looking for a great alternative to the Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 450BT, consider these options:

  1. Sennheiser Consumer Audio ACCENTUM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – With a 50-hour battery life, hybrid noise cancelling, and all-day comfort, these headphones offer an excellent alternative for those who prioritize long-lasting battery and comfort during extended use.
  2. Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – Personalized noise cancellation, enhanced sound, and a Triple Black design make these headphones a strong alternative for those who prioritize customizing their noise cancellation experience and audio quality.
  3. Sennheiser HD 250BT Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone – With AAC, aptX™, and aptX™ Low Latency support, along with a 25-hour battery life, these headphones are a great alternative for those who prioritize high-quality audio transmission and a long-lasting battery.

Each of these alternatives offers unique features and benefits that may better suit your specific needs and preferences compared to the original Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 450BT.